Welcome to the Lightening Alliance

As 2013 winds to an end,  The Lightening Alliance is pleased to be starting 2014 with our very own web-site.  If you haven’t already, we invite you to look around and get to know us.  Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions.

To get the conversation started with our very first blog post, let me explain our name – the Lightening Alliance.  When folks first hear our name, their immediate thoughts turn to “thunder and lightning.”  But that’s not us.  We are the “Light-en-ing Alliance.”  When we formed in 2010, our goal was to become a way of uplifting, and a source of enlightenment for young adults in crisis.  As our tag line suggests, we want to “lighten” the load or burden carried by young people struggling to become self-sufficient.  Our primary method of doing that is through relationship building.  And so we are an ally for our clients.

But that’s not all.  It’s not just us.  Our business model is to join forces with other agencies and like-minded resources and individuals to optimize our collective goals and talents in service to an often invisible and under-served population.  Hence the word “Alliance” in our name.  We work not only to build relationships with our clients, but also to build relationships with community resources to serve the broad spectrum of our clients’ needs.  And so we are an “Alliance,” a team dedicated to “lightening the load” and bringing enlightened self-awareness to those who are struggling to become our next generation of community members and leaders.

So we welcome you to the Lightening Alliance.  Take a look around and see where you fit in.  Take a peek at “Beth’s Story” on the Who We Serve page to understand more about the many ways young adults end up in crisis (and no – this is not my story, but thanks for wondering).  We invite you to join us.  Whether through your service, contributions or prayer, we appreciate your partnership.  Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous 2014!

P.S.  While he asked not to be recognized, I am compelled to thank Mike Daniels for his incredible work on designing and constructing the beautiful web-site you see before you.  We are forever grateful!

– Beth Wickman, Founder and Board Chair