“We are an alliance of volunteer leaders…”

The professionals who make up our Board of Directors bring an amazing level of education, experience and expertise to their respective roles. They provide guidance and oversight to ensure the LACDC meets its short- and long-term financial and programming goals.

Board of Directors

Board Chair: Elizabeth Wickman – Principal, The Current Coach, Inc.

Secretary: Robert Wickman – Senior SCRUM Master, Global Payment Systems

Vice President/Governance Director: Zabrina Staton – Engineering Program Director, CA Technologies

Treasurer: Maritza Royall – Tax/Treasury Professional

Development Director:  Jeff Katzman – Regional Vice President, Beacon Capital Management, Inc.

Marketing and Communications Director: OPEN

Operations Director: Adrian Giuhat – Chief Technology Officer, Cirries Technologies, Inc.

Volunteer Director: Melanie O’Brien – Director of Community Outreach, Hope’s Door