Our vision is to embrace young adults in crisis and empower them with their own life vision along with the skills and confidence to achieve it.  Our vision and mission are unique in that we take a relational  rather than a clinical approach.  While most agencies focus on physiological and safety needs, the Lightening Alliance focuses on supporting the person inside with the inner knowing and relationship skills needed to reach their highest potential.

Business and Program development are being approached in three phases:

Phase I – Program Pilot – COMPLETE!

Rather than re-inventing existing wheels, our business model is to partner with local agencies already serving the young adult population.  The CITY House TLP program in Plano, Texas has served as our initial partner and allowed LACDC to pilot initial program design.  TLP is a transitional living program which supports at risk young adults in their quest to become self-sufficient.  We were invited to come into the residences and interact with the program participants as a group, sharing a family style meal and delivering a topical workshop on a monthly basis. Since October 2011, this opportunity has allowed us to hone our craft while making a positive impact.

Phase II – Expand to Other In-Place Programs – In Process Now

As we continue to mature as an organization, our current goal is to expand program delivery to other local agencies who serve the young adult population.  We are well positioned to deliver programming specific to aspects of

  • Nutrition and Health
  • Self-Awareness
  • Belief Systems
  • Life Skills Development
  • Relationship and Community Building

We are currently in discussions with 4 additional partner agencies and are actively seeking funding to support this growth.  In addition, we are prepared to pilot the new service of Individual Life Coaching.

Phase III – Development and Implementation of a Residential Immersion Program

Our ultimate vision for LACDC is to create a campus style residential experience designed to immerse participants in living out the skills they are working to develop.  The campus itself will provide a backdrop for the wide variety of life experiences that participants will progress through over a 12 month period.  It will also provide a social enterprise designed to help fund the program.  Early program emphasis is on trauma recovery and self awareness, while participants are directed into the role of “life-vision creator” during the latter phases of the program.

Participants will rotate through a variety of work experiences designed to help them develop their own life vision, as well as a series of skill development activities and challenge experiences to promote a sense of personal competence and confidence.  The end goal is to ensure that program graduates have the life, relational and financial skills along with the personal motivation to put their life dreams into practice.  Beyond graduation, an ongoing support network will be in place to provide the connection and encouragement everyone needs to thrive as an adult.