We are currently seeking the following dedicated volunteers to help us grow.  All volunteer roles will require training and a background check.

Volunteer Coordinator

With a growing volunteer pool, great communication and coordination is vital.  Do you enjoy building a team and coordinating activities?  If so, this is the place for you!  Activities will include managing the volunteer schedule, volunteer training and background checks, and delivery of program materials to a central location.

Program Delivery

We are currently seeking individuals and married couples, preferably empty-nesters, who are able to make a commitment to delivering our program one evening a month for a minimum of 12 months.

Why Married Couples?

The population we serve has had limited exposure to stable, committed, healthy partnerships.  Not only do you provide a good model for our participants, they really enjoy seeing how you interact with one another from a male/female perspective and from a team work perspective.  While colleagues working as a team is very worthwhile, we hope to provide the additional example of team work at a deeper level of intimacy.

Why a 12 Month Commitment?

The population we serve has had the experience of adults quitting on them more times than they can count.  We don’t want to be one more example.  One of the foundational aspects of our program is relationship and community building.  Relationships take time to build.  We also understand that life happens, and we have found that empty-nesters often have a more stable schedule from which to make commitments.   If you want to donate an hour here and there, another opportunity would be better for you.  If you have a passion for committed service to young adults, we would love to have you join us!  The Lightening Alliance currently has opportunities to add 2 new weekly or monthly programs each in Collin and Dallas Counties.  Each monthly program will require one couple to commit to one evening each month (for example, the first Thursday of each month).  A weekly program will require 5 teams of 2 partners to rotate each week across the month (teams 1-4 will rotate across weeks 1-4, and team 5 will take the  5th week when there is one and act as backup in case of emergencies.)

What Does Program Delivery Entail?

Your role is primarily as a relationship builder and a workshop facilitator.  Each program consists of a meal and a workshop.  The meals and workshop materials will be provided for you.  You will need to pick up and review workshop materials in advance, and return workshop materials to a central location afterward.  A hot meal will be prepared for your pickup on the evening of the program.  You will share the meal with the program participants, and use this time for relationship building.  You will then facilitate the workshop itself, which is interactive and addresses topics such as Success, Personal Responsibility, Relationships, Money Management and Social Etiquette.  You will be provided with all necessary training.

What will You Get Out of It?

Chances are, you are going to be exposed to new ideas and ways of being that never occurred to you.  If you like to engage in personal growth, you will be growing right along with the program participants.  But more importantly, there is no price you can put on the gift you give of yourself to a young person in need of a human connection.  You will find that you receive a gift in return.  Your heart will be warmed each and every time a jaw hits the floor with a new realization about life’s possibilities, or you receive a spontaneous hug or “Thank you!”  Your commitment has meaning far deeper than you know, for both you and the program participants.

Thank you for your commitment to helping young people reach their full potential!