Scroll down to view current funding needs, then click the Donate button to the left.  Each and every contribution has meaning.  Thank you!

  • Funding for Meals:  Good nutrition is about the quality of the calories, not just the quantity.  And it is clear that high quality nutrition produces better outcomes.  Our programs often offer the only high quality nutrition our participants receive in a week or even a month.

$100 provides a high quality meal for 15 participants

  • Funding for Life Coaching:  This service provides individual training in powerful skills and tools for personal empowerment and emotional mastery. We have contracted a discounted rate to provide certified Life Coaching services at no cost to our participants.

$250 provides an intensive 5 session Life Coaching program for 1 participant

  • Fund Our Growth:  The Lightening Alliance has immediate opportunities to implement our programs with 4 additional agencies in Collin and Dallas Counties.  Help us meet this challenge by funding the following:

$500 – provides program delivery start-up materials for 1 additional agency

$3000 – provides indemnification insurance to protect our volunteers for 1 year.  It is an unfortunate reality that without insurance, we cannot grow our volunteer pool, and without volunteers, we cannot expand our programs.  Thanks for your understanding!

$1000 – provides the technical resources needed to communicate with and be accountable to you, our funders and volunteers.  This includes one time expenses for a printer, content backup, software, accounting software, web-hosting, and office supplies.